For many applications, WebRelay-Quad™ is the fastest, easiest, least expensive, and most reliable way to remotely control equipment over an IP network (including the Internet)!

WebRelay-Quad™ is used by many different companies for hundreds of applications including industrial control, security, remote control, remote reset, and many other applications that require remote relay control. It has four low-signal relays that can individually switch up to 1 Amp at 28V. Each relay can be turned on, off, or pulsed using the built-in web pages or by running custom scripts from a computer or dedicated controller. It is extremely versatile and can be made to fit almost any remote relay control need.

The WebRelay-Quad is fully configured in minutes using a web browser. No additional software is needed.


X-WR-4R3-I: WebRelay-Quad™ Industrial
X-WR-4R3-E: WebRelay-Quad™ POE (Power Over Ethernet, connect to 802.3af compliant network)

Model No. Relay Outputs Contact Rating Opto-Inputs *Power Supply
X-WR-4R3-I 4 (SPDT) 1A @ 28V max 0 9-28V DC
X-WR-4R3-E 4 (SPDT) 1A @ 28V max 0 POE or 5V DC

* These devices are sold as components and do not include a power supply.


  • Built-in web server for setup and remote relay control from a web-browser
  • No special software or device drivers required
  • XML status and control page makes communications with custom software interfaces simple
  • Can operate as a Modbus/TCP slave device
  • Four independent, 28V 1A relays (SPDT)
  • “On/Off” and “Pulse” modes
  • Rugged, compact enclosure can be DIN-Rail or Wall mounted
  • Includes a 2-piece (14-pin) industrial terminal connector that makes connections convenient
  • “Power-Over-Ethernet” (802.3af) option available.